Introducing an advanced feature in Mailpro Forms: Network Filters. Enhance the security of your online forms by controlling access based on IP addresses. With Network Filters, you have the power to ban specific IPs or groups of IPs from viewing your form or, conversely, exclusively permit a selected group of IPs.

Key Features

1. Ban Specific IPs or IP Groups

Have unwanted visitors or potential threats? Network Filters empower you to ban specific IPs or entire IP groups from accessing your online forms. Strengthen your security and protect your forms from unauthorized access.

2. Exclusive Access for Selected IPs

On the flip side, ensure that only a specified group of IPs can access your online forms. This level of exclusivity adds an extra layer of protection, limiting form visibility to trusted individuals or entities.

3. Customizable IP Access Management

Fine-tune your form's access control by managing and customizing IP access based on your specific requirements. Whether you need a global ban, exclusive access, or a combination of both, Network Filters provide the flexibility you need.

Design Flexibility

Network Filters in Mailpro Forms provide an added layer of security, allowing you to control form access based on IPs. Whether you want to restrict access or provide exclusive entry, Network Filters give you the control you need.

Additional Mailpro Functionalities:

  • Email Marketing: Leverage Mailpro's powerful email marketing tools for effective communication with your audience.
  • Contact Management: Efficiently organize and manage your contacts within the Mailpro platform.
  • Robust Infrastructure: Rely on Mailpro's robust infrastructure for secure and reliable form hosting.
  • Great Delivery Rates: Benefit from high delivery rates to ensure your forms reach the intended recipients.
  • SMS Marketing: Extend your reach with SMS marketing campaigns directly from Mailpro.
  • Survey Builder: Create insightful surveys to gather valuable feedback from your audience.
  • Quiz Builder: Engage your audience with interactive quizzes to enhance user participation.
  • Great Data Privacy: Rest assured knowing that Mailpro prioritizes data privacy, ensuring the security of your information.

Ready to experience advanced form security and unparalleled functionality? Sign up for Mailpro today! Your data's security and the success of your marketing efforts are our top priorities.

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