Be the first to know which operating systems or browsers your readers use, or even which email software was used to open your newsletter. With the detailed statistics of campaigns for email marketing that Mailpro offers you will be able to know which internet users use each operating system. This will allow you to adapt the content of the newsletter to your recipients and avoid the obstacles related to compatibility when sending an email campaign.

In a precise circular chart you will find a detailed report with statistics of campaigns and numbers of emails opened by email software, so you will know if your email was opened from Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and has reached mobile operating systems iOS - Android or Windows, Unix and MacOS.

numbers of emails opened by email software

Knowing this data, you can adapt the content and design of the newsletter to each recipient and avoid any obstacle related to the compatibility of sending emails. Keep in mind that it is increasingly common that mobile devices are the average users favorite for reading emails, so it is important that you take into account specific details when creating newsletters adapted to mobile phones that have less text, clear messages that avoid the user needing to make a long scroll and very large images that take time to load. When designing the newsletter, preview your message and be sure to test that it can be viewed from your phone or device and check if the design is consistent with your mobile device. Thus, when designing, think about how it will look on a small screen.

Why is this so important? It’s so important because if you know the email client most of your subscribers are using, you will be able to create a better experience for your users that would translate into higher open rate metrics, clicks on your links and conversions. Knowing the statistics of email client software, you can plan campaigns to promote tools or applications created only for Android users or if you own an electronic store and want to offer a certain hardware or software designed for Mac systems, knowing these statistics for mail campaigns may arrive in a precise way to your client. Using comparative statistics, you can recognize which type of operating system is most frequent among its users and the opening percentages of each one.

Mailpro offers you all the necessary statistics for your email marketing campaigns to reach each of your subscribers in a successful way.

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