All contacts are not the same. Since different customers have different needs and interests, you need to organize your contacts to send the right message to the right group of people. 

There a some ways to manage your contacts, and organizing your contacts with TAGS are one of those ways. Tags are customized labels you create for your contacts based on what’s important for you to know.  

By using TAGS, you can easily label your contacts according to your needs and other essential information. Now use this data to create segments and communicate the right content to the right audience. For successful brand communication, you mustn’t bombard your audience with irrelevant information. 

Few examples of tags are: 

  • Tags based the Source of your client 
  • Tags based on specific interests
  • Tags for unengaged customers and many more!

For this, you can assign tags to your contacts to organize them by specific categories. Tags will allow you to categorize your contacts even further to send emails to an even more targeted group of contacts. Also, only you can see the tags you apply to the contacts.

This is where Mailpro comes in.

With Mailpro, You Can Make “Right Audience, Right Message, Right Time” a Reality!

Organize your Contacts with TAGS

Importance of TAGS

Easy and Efficient Organization of Contacts 

Contact management systems have a lot of built-in ways to search within your audience data. Tags enable you to add unique insights and then use them to create segments. 

Also, Mailpro is entirely flexible and lets you stay organized when you tag multiple contacts on import. You can even add tags automatically based on the specific landing page customers’ have signed upon. 

It Saves Time 

After tagging the contacts, you will have access to the most commonly used tags on Mailpro’s intuitive dashboard, and you can send targeted campaigns to specific segments with just a few clicks. 

By triggering automation based on tags, you can instantly get a follow up with a targeted message as soon as you apply the tag. 

Better Segmentation

As you bring custom insights, they will be added as filtering options for creating segments. It will allow you to use custom form fields, a combination of tags, and a number of other filters to find exactly who is interested in your products as your audience grow.

Get To Know Your Audience Better 

By tagging your contacts, you can know your audience’s preferences. You can even organize contacts based on specific interest groups within your contacts. 

After this, you can easily send targeted messages to your audience or trigger automated messages to people based on their interests. 

So, let’s organize your contacts with TAGS. We, at Mailpro, help businesses manage their contact based on their needs and preferences for enhanced productivity and better ROI.

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