Anti spam test

Test your newsletters with mailcleaner to know your spam score

Test your newsletter with mailcleaner with mailpro

Since the content of your newsletter accounts for more than 3/4 on the spam calculation, we offer to test your newsletter before sending it, for free! Using Mailpro, we linked MailCleaner to test your newsletters on one of the best anti-spam filters, you can test your campaigns with ease!
Start off on the right foot with an anti spam test:

  • A tool used by universities
  • A useful and clear indication
  • An efficient and reliable test

Anti spam Mailpro

Is an alliance between a company specializing in anti spam and a company specializing in e-mailing against nature?

MailCleaner and Mailpro announce an important partnership for their products. Mailpro, in its new version V.5, offers powerful anti spam test for e-mailings to customers, provided by MailCleaner. This solution enhances MailPro anti spam policy. It assures clients of the delivery of their messages.

For MailCleaner, the collaboration allows a better fight against the accidental blocking of justified mailings. With Mailpro™ you will create your own newsletters without any prior technical knowledge.

You can test its level of spam easily. In the list of messages, you will find the "spam check" option.