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Personalize your SMS to make them more personal

Personalized SMS leads to better results

Did you know that personalizing your SMS leads to higher conversion rates, and it helps build a more passionate audience? Engage with your audience by sending them the right message.

When you send text messages, make sure the content you sent matters to each person. You need to make the experience personal for every customer in order to build good relationships.

Inside our platform you can easily personalize your text messages by using our Dynamic Fields. You have 3 dynamic fields that you can fill up with information such as “customer's name, last name, coupon codes, etc. and then easily insert these fields into your SMS by typing $field1$, $field2$, $field3$.

You can also choose to Import an excel sheet with your contact list containing already 3 fields of information that you can use to easily personalize your text messages. Learn how to upload your contact list easily here.

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Check our FAQ section about How to personalize your SMS.  

Personalize your SMS sending’s for better results

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