At Mailpro, we believe that together, we can achieve remarkable results. Whether you're a marketing agency looking to expand your service portfolio, a freelancer, or a business eager to boost your revenue streams, our Partner Program offers you a world of opportunities.

Our program is built on the foundation of collaboration, and exceptional human support. When you join the Mailpro Partner Program, you gain access to benefits carefully crafted to help you succeed. We're here to provide the expertise, technology, and guidance you need to thrive in the competitive landscape of email marketing.

Who we are?

Who can become our partner?

Consultants and
Free Lancers
IT and Development

Benefits of Partnering with Mailpro

Partner Program

High Mailpro Discounts

Resell Mailpro to your clients, offering them top-tier email marketing solutions at competitive rates while increasing your profit margins.

Dedicated Support

Receive dedicated support every step of the way. We're committed to your success, providing personalized assistance, resources, and guidance to ensure your partnership journey is fruitful.

Client Management

Manage all your customers seamlessly from a single Mailpro account.

Our Datacenter is in Switzerland

Your data is safe in Switzerland, known for its stringent data protection laws. Your customers' data remains safe, confidential, and fully compliant with Swiss privacy regulations, offering peace of mind and trust in our services.

Mailpro Training & Certification

Mailpro goes the extra mile for our partners by offering comprehensive training programs that allow you to become Mailpro certified. Our training equips you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in email marketing and effectively promote our services.

Be part of our partner Directory

As part of our close-knit community, we're delighted to refer your services to our customers when they require your expertise, fostering valuable connections and opportunities.

How does the Mailpro Partner Program Work?

Fill out our partner program form and get approved
Get your Mailpro Training and Certification
Get a Coupon for all your future buys

What customers have to say about Mailpro

Answers for FAQS

Yes it is free. However, you must be a Mailpro customer already. Please fill the Partner Program form and we review your application. We will then contact you once your application has been accepted.

Once you fill the partner program form, we will contact you to welcome you and Schedule your Mailpro certification Training. Once completed you will receive a welcome email with a partner program discount inside.

You can use this discount to buy Mailpro subscriptions for your customers and manage their account from inside your account. You can then re-sell your service to your customers and increase your profit margins.

Unlike many partner programs, Mailpro’s partner program is simple and easy to do. All you have to do is buy Mailpro’s subscription at highly discounted price, and sell it with your services at a higher Price, making a profit.

You can also Benefit from our Mailpro training, allowing you to become Mailpro certified.

Our training equips you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in email marketing and effectively promote our services all of that while enjoying dedicated support for your accounts.

Our team of experts will hold your hand every step of the way if you have difficulties or questions about the application.

To become a Mailpro Partner you need to have a minimum of one Mailpro subscription for the main account. After this, you will receive your discount code, which you can use for as many clients as you wish. There is no minimum customer requirements for you.

Yes, in order to become a Mailpro partner you need to have a minimum of one full paying account which will act as the main Mailpro account for your sub-accounts.

Once you subscribe to the Mailpro partner program, our agents will call you to set up a date for your Mailpro Certification Training.

The training is done virtually and once completed you will be Mailpro Certified allowing you to obtain discounts and be part of our partner directory.

Mailpro Partner Application Form

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