What is an MTA?

It’s a mail server or mail exchanger, we can also call it MX host or mail relay. Mainly it exchanges messages across the network between mail servers in a background process using Port 25, you might have heard of it, or not…

For our Mailpro email platform, we mainly send emails, mass emails or transactionnal automatic emails. For Maxony Cloud Services, we also store emails for our customer into Mailboxes we can then talk about Mail User Agent (MUA) that use POP3 or most communly IMAP protocols (MAPI for Microsoft).

Why in Switzerland?

At Mailpro, we truly believe your data is the real asset of your company. Your customer database, the content data, your products and patents information. Data is everywhere.

While you send an email, your MTA will have access to it and can analyse the content.

If you use any provider, using some unsafe clouds, then you don’t really care about your data. Well we think you should.

The safety of your data is not only technical safety but also a location that protects your data by law. Major clouds are owned by companies in the US, where the government can access your data; this is not possible in Switzerland. Your data is safe by law.

Mail Transfer Agent

With Mailpro as well as for our other Cloud Services, we proudly host your data in our data center in geneva.

We host virtual MTA on the top of Hard Servers in order to offer our customers high availability. In case some servers or virtual servers are out of order, they move automaticaly on new MTA and new servers. We can call that High Availability Virtual MTA (HA-vMTA).

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