Manage Segments and boost your open rates by 50%?

Email Segmentation is a division of the email list based on similarities to provide your audience with relatable and valuable information at the appropriate time.

Simply put, email segmentation is a personalization tactic used to deliver more relevant and valuable emails to your subscribers based on their location, age, demographics, gender, interest purchase history, and much more.  

Nowadays, more and more marketers use email segmentation so they can cater exclusively to each email list and their independent interests, rather than focusing on the motto – ‘one size fits all.’

“Emails should come at the right time, go to the right audience, and say the right things.”

There are many ways to segment your email list. With Mailpro you can group your contacts by age, demographics, and location for example. You can even segment the email list by purchase behavior, job title, and interests of the audiences.  Also, you can create segments with the different contacts you have previously tagged.

For example, you could segment your customers based on who make the most frequent purchase or spend the most money and send them special discount coupons and offers.

You can also segment your audience by their email types (marketing or transactional), engagement (who is opening all your emails or just some of your emails), and activity (how often customers buy from your store).

Communicate Accurately with Email Segmentation

Why Email Segmentation Is Important?

It Prompts You To Learn More About Your Clients

For a successful email segmentation, you need to know your audience you want to converse with. It will only help you in clarifying the aims of email marketing campaigns. By segmenting your list, it would be easier for you to address your goals to relevant people.

It Motivates To Maintain A Robust Email Database

For email segmentation, you have to put the contacts in order and delete inactive subscribers.

It Improves Efficiency

Email segmentation makes the email marketing campaign more efficient. It also increases click-through rates and open rates.

It Consolidates Email Reputation

Emails that contain valuable and targeted information found increased engagement from the audience. Clients love emails with high-quality content. They confide in those who provide them with genuine content and look forward to receiving more of such content.  

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