The geolocation tool will allow you to know the precise geographical locations of the devices that receive your emails using the information provided by the ISPS of your subscribers based on the same IP addresses. After sending your campaigns, with geolocation statistics by newsletter you can immediately identify in which city or country your email campaign has been received.

To find your statistical data by geolocation, you just have to select the campaign you want to analyze and select Geolocation. From there you can see a precise interactive map showing:

  • Geolocation by country
  • Geolocation by city
  • Map of the world with the location of openings
  • List of countries in PDF report
geolocation statistics by newsletter

See our instructional video with all the information about statistical measurements

The geolocation information will allow you to customize the design of newsletters and adapt them to users by sending specific messages to the city where they are located. If you are the owner of a logistics, real estate, transport or home services company, this data will help you offer specific information, products and services optimizing your campaigns and selecting the city to which you want to direct your messages.

Segment your target per city and offer personalized content of interest to your users depending on the city or country where you have the best opening ratios. This will help you give more value to your company or product which will allow your future messages to be better received. By knowing this data, you can reach your subscriber more precisely and promote discounts or offers for specific geographic areas, or create campaigns planned days before an event and send promotions among subscribers of that site or specific place related to the event.

Evaluating your opening statistical data through our geolocation tool can help boost your business, increase the visibility of your products and create closer relationships with your customers. You will have the data you need to push you closer to your subscribers, which you can then verify before your next Send and plan special campaigns for your city or country.

Take advantage of all the functionalities that our tool provides and make opening comparisons through statistics by geolocation of the newsletter to know the behavior of your past and most recent emails.

If you have any questions on how to create a campaign, in Mailpro we offer you all the training that will allow you to create a quality campaign.

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