This is due to we’re increasing connectedness through mobile devices that allow us to check email from anywhere, at any time. It is this segmentation and measurement capacity that allows you to identify the level of the subscriber’s interest from the very start, and whether the objectives of the email campaign are met or if it is necessary to modify your strategy.

If you are looking to host the event of the year, it isn’t enough just to dedicate time to organizing it. Its promotion and dissemination are the key points on which you will have to focus much of your effort to capture your target audience. No matter the size of the event you are organizing, email marketing for events will allow you to implement a complete dissemination strategy, which will cover the dissemination and promotion of your event, including the registration of attendees.

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How can Mailpro help you promote your events?

In order to receive the greatest benefit in using email marketing strategies for your event, it is important that you use a reliable tool, in Mailpro we offer you functionalities that will allow you to take full advantage of your campaigns and have a successful event.

Mailpro offers you:

Newsletter Builder

Newsletter Builder

With the integrated Drag and Drop editor, you can create your message in a very simple and professional way by inserting text, images, and links and customize them through dynamic fields or if you prefer, by importing your file designed in HTML code

Responsive Templates

Responsive Templates

Depending on the theme of your event, you can find 600+ free templates which you can edit easily and to which you can add all the additional content you need. This will save you time and you can save them for use in the following deliveries.

Registration Forms

Registration Forms

With Mailpro registration forms, you can increase your contact list in an easy and safe way, and it integrates the Double Opt-in that is a necessary requirement to comply with GDPR standards. You can also integrate it to your Landing Page, Blog or Website through HTML, URL, iFrame or Javascript code.



The sending of automatic emails from our platform allows you to prepare the sendings in advance and plan the sending of invitation messages and if the invitation is accepted, to schedule a delivery in the following days to follow up on the event with additional information.

Statistical Reports

Statistical Reports

With statistical reports, you can measure the impact of the campaign and track the behavior of your readers. Detailed Mailpro statistics will show you the number of openings, click-through rates, Bounce, geolocation and more.

Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buttons

Integrate social networks to your messages. This gives your users the chance to spread the event and thus increase your followers and attendees to your event.

Keys to creating an Email Marketing strategy to promote an Event

Now that you know the reasons why Email campaigns are a fundamental part of the event promotion strategy, we will give you some key tips that you should keep in mind when planning your email marketing strategy for events.

An appropriate contact list

When planning the event, it is important that you take the time to define the promotion strategy. Start doing this by establishing your target audience and creating a suitable contact list. For this, the subscription forms will be your best friend, to which you can add your website and create more interest in your event.

With a subscription form, you will not only be receiving the data of those interested in your event, you will also be building a database of people related to your brand. With Mailpro, you can easily integrate a subscription form to your website, either to allow users to register for an event or lead them to the newsletter that will send them the latest news about the event.

Campaigns on social networks are also an important ally when creating a list of valuable contacts, as you can generate a campaign that promotes the event and garner interest. You can then send them information through an email campaign. And yes, it is also valid to capture the contact data the traditional way... through pen and paper. The important thing is that they are their own contacts that have delivered their data legally.

You can find more information on how to create contact lists in our blog

Customize your messages

Identify your audience and segment contact lists. It is important to spend some time identifying the audience you are going to address. This way, you can customize the way you will direct the content of the message. Take into account details such as the type of event you are planning, the audience you are directing it towards, the connection you have established with the audience, and the demographic profile of those who will attend.

Simple details such as addressing your subscriber by name, knowing their geographic location or using references of their latest interactions with the messages sent, creates a feeling of essential closeness. Remember, to implement proper segmentation, , you must work your contact lists very well, collecting within them all the possible information that allows you to define the tone of your emails, the frequency of the deliveries, the type of content that best connects with your audience and the details that will help you build a successful email marketing strategy for events.

Plan the flow of automatic emails

Once you are clear about the audience you are going to address and the database, it is time to define the number of messages and the type of emails you will send. Do not limit yourself to just sending the events invitation once and calling it a day… with email marketing you should seek to truly conect with your audience.

Planning the amount of email deliveries can be very easy when you use email automation, an ideal strategy for planning the frequency of email sending could be:

  • The invitation email: This would be the first email that will reach your contact list informing them of the event. It is the most important message where you will awaken your readers' curiosity and include all the relevant information about the event. Shipping time will depend on the organization. A conference invitation can be sent weeks before, while the announcement of a concert or festival could be sent months in advance.
  • Email reminder: Usually sent weeks or even hours before the event. This type of reminder email can also help you to have a second attendance confirmation, through CTA buttons for the user to download the entrance ticket or some documentation that provides information about the event.
  • Thank you email: If you organize a convention, conference or product launch, sending a thank you email is as important as sending the invitation email. To thank the attendance to the event you will be increasing the value of your brand because you will be showing how important your user is to you.

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