The indicator for number of clicks on your email links is a measurement parameter that should be a frequent reason for follow-up. With a precise report that shows you the most clicked on links within each campaign, you will be able to know and better understand the behavior of your readers and recognize if the content you are providing is attractive and valuable.

From our platform it is very easy to find out how many people have clicked on your links [enlace a página principal estadísticas]. All you have to do is access the statistics options and select the campaign you want to review, click on view and once there you just have to look on the left side of the Top tab Clicks that will show you a list with your most popular URLs and the number of clicks you have recieved. From here you can verify the effectiveness of the actions you have defined through the links that you inserted in your messages.

Remember that one of the main objectives with your email campaign is to encourage the reader to click on your links, that is why it is recommended that when creating the content for your message, plan some action that will arouse the interest of your reader, this can be: a link to an informative article on your website, a discount on your new product, downloading a file with valuable content or redirecting readers to your content on social networks. Everything will depend on the action you want to generate from your reader.

number of clicks on your email links

Knowing the statistical data of your most popular links, you can make the decision to redirect your contacts a campaign with links that are within the 5 or 10 most popular. Imagine that you run an E-commerce website and are promoting new products. In your newsletter you can recognize which of your products is having the best conversion and thus create a segmented campaign towards this product whose links stand out in its TOP Click list.

There is a direct correlation between the number of clicks and the number of open emails which is why, when consulting your statistical results, you may see that your rate of opened emails is high but your click rate is low. In this case, it might be necessary to rethink the content and design of the campaign since your campaign has managed to capture the attention of your reader but didn’t lead to expected results. It is likely that the content is not clear, which is leading to an unexpected conversion rate. To improve a scenario like this, we recommend that the links you place within your email marketing campaigns are always visible, this can be achieved using striking action words that summon attention such as: Buy, Download, and Sign up. Even more attractive is to use buttons where you can insert your links, highlighting your goal. Do not forget to include the buttons that carry your social network links as integrating your social networks in email campaigns can contribute to more impactful statistical results.

It is important to focus on creating clear and concise messages, that tell the reader what action you seek to be executed, that define your objective, and who you are directing your thoughts to. It is also helpful to use colors that distinguish and highlight your call to action. Remember that in order to attract the attention of your subscriber, always offer something in return and your click will be assured which will also help email marketing statistics.

Always keep updated links and provide your reader new links regularly. One of the advantages of knowing the statistics of your most popular links is being allowed to conduct tests that show the behavior of readers towards your content and knowing when the time is right to switch something up and optimize the actions within your email. In addition, from our statistics for email marketing you can compare the success of each campaign with links that show which had the most reach and evaluate the days or seasons in which you had the best clicks, so you can recognize if the calls to action that were executed in the past campaigns had good results and evaluate whether to use them in your current shipment.

Take care of your statistics and test from our newsletter builder and increase the click percentages of your email marketing campaigns.

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