What is a dedicated IP Pool?

An IP Pool is a group of IP´s that we will assign to our customer for their email sending’s.

Depending on the quality of addresses and content you send, you will be assigned a dedicated IP Pool which will be shared with other senders of your same IP Pool Category. This means that if you send good quality content to good quality addresses you will be given a better designated IP Pool.

IP Pools are a great way to make sure your emails are deliver fast, as opposed to dedicated IP´s which you have to wait longer for your emails to be deliver if you are sending a large number of emails. It is better in terms of deliverability to send 100,000 emails with different IP addresses. Mail servers will see this as more natural, as oppose to sending 100,000 emails with the same IP. This will seems suspicious and can affect your delivery rate.

Dedicated IP Pool

We make sure to Manage our dedicated Pool of IP´s reputation and monitor our IP´s closely to make sure you have a clean IP pool for your sending’s. This way you don´t have to monitor or worry about the IP´s reputation. Our team of experts being extremely vigilant, and our strict cero spam policy, make it possible for us to have a rock solid deliverability.

What´s the difference between a dedicated IP and a dedicated IP Pool?

With a dedicated IP, your provider will give you a specific IP just for you. However, if you are sending a high volume of emails, it can take a lot longer for the emails to be delivered.

If you try to push too much volume into a single IP address, without it being properly warmed up, your emails will probably fall into the SPAM folder as well. The mails servers will see that all emails come from Fresh IP, which will seems suspicious, thus, categorizing your emails as Spam. Therefore, when you opt for a dedicated IP, it is imperative for it to be a warm up process of the IP´s before sending.

At Mailpro our goal is to offer our customer a solid deliverability, and we find it hard to do this, if we give full responsibility of the IP´s reputation to a customer. With a dedicated IP, you will be fully responsible for the reputation of the IP which is designated to you. So senders need to be extremely careful and vigilant that this single IP doesn’t get blacklisted. The problem is, customer´s often think that they are in full control of the IP´s reputation. However, if there is another IP blacklisted, in the range of your dedicated IP, it will also affect the reputation of your IP. So no, you are not 100% in control of your IP´s reputation and this can be disastrous for your delivery rate as you only have 1 IP.

There are Pro´s and Con´s as to both. However, we do advise most of our customers to choose a dedicated IP Pool as we count with the expertise and team of professionals to manage the IP´s reputation, and we count with the infrastructure to take away the weight of your shoulders when it comes to delivering your emails.

For some customers we offer the service of dedicated IP´s depending on the customer and specific sending needs and requirements.

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