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Dedicated IP Address

Mailpro can provide you with your own Dedicated IP for your Email Marketing Campaigns

If you would like to take full control of your IP Reputation, you can opt to have a Dedicated IP. Unlike the dedicated IP Pool, where we manage the reputation of specific IP´s given to you, with a dedicated IP you would have to make sure that your IP reputation is tip-top clean in order to avoid having delivery issues. The reputation of your IP would be solely your responsibility.

Dedicated IP Address

We advise you to have great email practices to make sure your dedicated IP doesn’t get blacklisted.

Also, take into consideration that your IP should be warmed up before sending big volumes with it, otherwise it could backfire, and your emails would end up in the Spam folder.

Contact us today to guide you about the costs of a dedicated IP, and the advantages and disadvantages of having one.

For more information read about the differences between a dedicated IP Pool and a dedicated IP.

Enjoy our competitive prices, and start sending Email Marketing Campaigns from one platform!

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