The main objective of an automated email system is to increase the efficiency of your brand or business workflow. Automated emails help you save a huge amount of time, cost and effort, while reducing the number of mistakes you might make by sending emails manually.

Automated emails can also be segmented and personalized based on each consumer's needs, meaning it's a great way to connect with your customers and provide them with everything they need quickly and simply.

Not all contacts on your list should receive the same newsletters. Consumers have different preferences, and the key is communicating effectively with different groups. With Mailpro, you can easily segment your email list, it's i.e. divide your list into different groups. Then you can send automatic emails to each of these segments or groups in your list.

More importantly, such emails help brands and businesses develop a well-considered email strategy, which is very important for converting potential customers into long-term loyal customers. An automated email system will also help you verify the effectiveness of your strategy at each stage, especially for customers on segmented lists, allowing you to improve as you go.

With Mailpro you can easily send automated emails based on triggers such as subscribing or unsubscribing a contact from your list, specific dates or even automated emails based on a contact's tag.

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