At Mailpro, we understand the importance of data security and control when it comes to sharing your forms. Introducing our advanced functionality: Form Security with Domain Name Filtering.

Key Features

1. Domain Name Filtering: Control Your Audience

With this innovative feature, you have the power to filter which domain names can or cannot access your form. Tailor the audience and ensure that your forms are seen only by the intended recipients.

2. Create and Share Secure URLs

Easily generate secure URLs for your forms and share them confidently. The Domain Name Filter ensures that your forms are visible only to the domains you specify, adding an extra layer of privacy and control.

3. Customized Access Management

Manage and customize access to your forms based on the specific domain names you choose. Whether it's for internal purposes or a targeted audience, you have the flexibility to control who sees your forms.

Design Flexibility

Mailpro Forms: Your All-In-One Solution

Mailpro Forms is not just about security; it's a comprehensive tool designed to streamline your form creation and management process. Explore other powerful features:

  • Dynamic Statistics: Gain valuable insights with dynamic statistics to understand form performance and user engagement.
  • Branching Logic Forms: Create intelligent and interactive forms with branching logic for a personalized user experience.
  • Great Prices: Enjoy competitivepricing plans that fit your business needs, making Mailpro Forms acost-effective solution.
  • All-In-One Marketing Tool: Beyond forms, Mailpro offers an all-in-one marketing suite, including email marketing, SMS campaigns, SMTP sendings, and surveys
  • Swiss Data Storage: Rest easy knowing that your customer data is securely stored in Switzerland, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.
Color Customization

Secure Your Forms Today!

Form Security with Domain Name Filtering is just one of the many powerful features Mailpro Forms has to offer. Elevate your form security, control your audience, and enjoy the convenience of a comprehensive marketing tool - all in one place.

Ready to experience the next level of form security and functionality? Sign up for Mailpro today! Your data's security and your marketing success are our top priorities.

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