It is used by businesses to inform their customers about special offers, limited edition products, discount sales, giveaways, coupons, vouchers, and the use cases are endless.

The main purpose of a countdown timer is to draw the customer’s attention that a certain product or service is available with a lucrative offer, but only for a limited time.

Benefits of a Countdown Timer

  • Captures attention of your audiences
  • Promotes your limited-time offers and vouchers
  • Increases the conversion rates
Mailpro Countdown Timer

Integrate Countdown Timer to Your Emails and Newsletters With Mailpro

Applying countdown timers is very easy and convenient with the help of Mailpro. You can build your newsletter with Mailpro and integrate it with the timer. You can choose a layout and design for the timer animation, specify the size of the timer, enter the starting and ending times in some designated boxes, specify the time zone, and that’s it.

The countdown timer generating programs normally take all the input to create the GIF and embed it in a code. All that you are required to do is kick start your email marketing campaign!

There’s no technical expertise required to add countdown timers to newsletters as anyone can do it easily.

Mailpro Countdown Timer

Why Do You Need A Countdown Timer?

Here’s why you need to have countdown timers in your emails:

  • They create a sense of urgency for offers that are limited
  • They attract the reader’s attention
  • They give a clear picture to customers about how much time they have to avail the offer
  • They urge customers to act immediately if they don’t want to miss the offer

Basically, countdown timers are a way to tell your audiences that there’s a special offer but they only have a certain amount of time to get it. It’s easy to set up and does a great job in increasing conversions and boosting sales.

Mailpro Countdown Timer

Try Our Countdown Timer Now!

If you ever thought that countdown timers are just for show, or not that effective in practice, then we hope that reading this has changed your mind. And if you have not applied it in your newsletters, then should do so right away and see the effects for yourself.

Also, the use of countdown timers is not limited to selling products and services. You can even use it for any type of online content. Are you posting a special article on your blog that you want many people to read? Or releasing a video that you want to garner thousands of views? Announcing such releases through emails with a countdown timer can drive a lot of traffic to your content.

Try the countdown timer functionality offered by us now, and get started!

Mailpro Countdown Timer

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