The percentage of Internet users who decided to read your message

The first key stage of an email campaign is managing to create curiosity when your receivers sees the message in his mail box. The quality of the content of an email matters little if nobody opens it. The opening rate enables you to know the percentage of people who decided to click on the email to read it, that is to say the proportion of individuals who responded to the catchphrase of the email.

Studying the opening rate

There are more and more email campaigns every year and, in the stream of competition, you need to know how to make a difference : many Internet users directly trash a mail sent by an unknown person without reading it. Before you think of your return on investment, or even of the click-through rate of an email campaign, you must think of its opening rate.

Mailpro enables you to not only get the proportion of openings of your email, but also to precisely know the email addresses of the Internet users who browsed the content of the message, their geolocations and also the date of each opening. Several graphical tools offer a more in-depth study of this statistic, whether by observing its changes hour after hour and day after day, or by comparing it with the click-through rate. These features can be used to test various communication approaches and to see which ones prove to be the most efficient ones.

Optimising the opening rate of one's email campaign

To get the message read, the fields "object" and "sender" need to surprise the Internet user. According to the study conducted by the Email Case Studies of 2015, the key opening factor is the sender for 55 % of addressees and the object for 40 %.

As regards the sender field, it is of course the broadcaster's reputation that is at stake. A few tricks can make his name more attractive, like using a direct title, which is more aesthetic and above all shorter than an Internet address comprising an at sign. It is also better to avoid changing one's name so as to make a lasting identity for oneself, an identity on which Internet users will be able to rely.

As regards the object field, it depends on the type of email campaign that is in place : for an informative newsletter, it will be best to choose the synthesis of content; for a more commercial objective, more incisive and peremptory words that belong to the marketing field ("Enjoy", "Earn", etc.) will be more suitable. Customisation is also a key factor in the opening rate, such as the insertion of the Internet user's name or of information linked to details that concern him / her (geolocation, preferences, etc.)

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