Why set up automatic emails?

Automatic emails are an interesting tool in the world of the Internet and will allow you to save time, to communicate more often and intelligently with your email database, to relaunch your database, and much more.

You can create a series of predetermined emails to engage the user in an action that you set as the goal of your campaign. For example, send a email to wish happy birthday  to your client, send a  welcome email to one of your newsletter subscribers. This kind of automatic emailing is called an 'autoresponder', which is an email sent when a customer clicks on the link to your site  or a link to your newsletter, an automatic email following an action. You can also  send the email two days after  an action, for example. Or configure other types of automatic emails as you see fit, it's easy with Mailpro.

How to set up automatic emails?

In three simple steps, you can create an automatic message. From your Mailpro account, all you have to do is go to the "Send" section and select "Automatic Emails", add a new action and fill in the fields with the necessary data to execute your message automation.

Automatic emails setup ⟶
Automatic emails

Automatic Birthday Emails

Send personalized messages that show appreciation for your customers, increase the opportunities for your brand.

Surprise your subscribers with special offers or discounts for their birthday. It's always nice for someone to feel liked and appreciated; this creates a friendly relationship with your client.

Setup birthday emails ⟶
Automatic Birthday Emails

Automatic Welcome Emails 

Welcome messages can have a higher opening rate.

Make a good impression and connect with your client from the start, by automatically sending a welcome email. Providing this important information about your business, will help you publicize your brand or service and providing a good discount, will boost customer loyalty.

Setting up welcome emails ⟶
Automatic Welcome Emails

Automatic Email when Link is Clicked

Surprise your contacts with exclusive offers activated according to their behavior.

You can send special offers according to the links that are engaged with by your subscriber. For example, if you have a newsletter with three products, you could define that everyone who clicks on product "A", receives an email an hour later with a link to get 10% off.

Or, send an instant email with the date and the IP of the client during a login in a backoffice, for example, for security and information reasons.

More on automatic emails when link clicked ⟶
Automatic Email when Link is Clicked

Automatic Email within Timeframe 

Create a sequence of automatic emails that are sent over the course of a few days. Use this resource to guide your client towards the final conversion process. For example, once you’ve sent a welcome email, after a day, you can automatically send an E-Book and repeat the process with promotions or discounts until you earn your subscriber’s loyalty.

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Automatic Email within Timeframe

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