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Treating the risk of spam reporting

The main limits of email marketing

Quality, the only way to avoid the barrier of spam classification of your commercial messages


Acquisition email marketing acquisition provides a convenient and fast solution to contact a broad base of prospects. Although it is generally offered by professionals who comply with the regulations of the collection of addresses, it does not, however, protect the advertiser from spam. As a barrier to reading, which limits the effectiveness of campaigns, the classification of the commercial message as "spam" is not always the result of litigious practices. It can also mark the lassitude of the recipients subjected to regular advertising. It's therefore important to provide quality communication to contacts that are really interested.


Email marketing focused on real prospects

It's crucial for the sender to contact prospects who are waiting for their messages. This approach is based on the detailed analysis and the segmentation of the addresses according to the behavioral, socio-demographic or geographical elements present in the database. It limits the volume of emails sent but in return results in a very significant increase in the rate of opening. Attracted by a relevant commercial promise, Internet users are less tempted to report the campaign as spam.


A quality exchange is a safeguard against spam classification

Beyond this first positive contact, the issuer must also set up a quality marketing exchange. This includes limitations in the frequency of mailings, a renewal of the promise and a careful composition of the message. An easily identifiable and thoughtful sender, with the use of a fictitious correspondent, customization of content, use of graphics and a clear purpose are essential elements.


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