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Management of email and contact duplicates

Mailpro and duplicate management for email campaigns

Identifying the addresses to which the newsletter is sent twice

A duplicate is a prospect who is present several times in a client file. A poor management of their presence proves to be particularly harmful for a contact database, for it considerably reduces its deliverability and is harmful both for the advertiser, who needs to send more emails than necessary, and for the involved Internet users, who will receive the newsletter twice in their mail boxes. It is important to identify these duplicates in order to delete them.

The origin of duplicates in email marketing

Most of the time, the email address duplicates of a contact database come from societies that use many similar email addresses like, for example, "The Hotel of the Pines", "The Pines Hotel", etc. Besides, a user can also create several accounts by mistake or an advertiser may have had to couple several customer files while some prospects were represented in all those files.

The various types of duplicates and their management by MailPro

There are two types of duplicates in a contact database :

  • The absolute ones : very simple to spot, they represent the prospects for whom all the data are identical : email address, name of the associated addressee, phone number, address, the operating system that he uses, etc.

  • The relative ones, or the quasi-duplicates : this refers to two Internet users who have a great deal of information in common but different email addresses.

Mailpro automatically detects all the supernumerary copies of a client file during a new importation, and then deletes the absolute ones.

As regards the relative duplicates, they can be users who want to receive the newsletter in several mail boxes or else who forgot about one of those boxes : the advertiser has to make all due inquiries, with Mailpro's opening statistics for example, if he wants to get optimal deliverability for his contact database.

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