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Exporting one's email addresses

Exporting one's email addresses very simply with MailPro

Copying one's Mailpro contact database to another file

An advertiser may want to export his email address book for several reasons. For example, he may feel like keeping a back-up copy of his contact database, renting out or exchanging his client file with other companies or else sharing it with the various subsidiaries of his firm. Whatever the reason, the Mailpro user can perform this copy very easily, with only a few clicks.

How to export one's email database with Mailpro

Exporting one's address book with Mailpro is very simple : you just have to select the directory that you wish to transfer and then click on the corresponding button. After that, the user just has to type in the mail address where he wants to receive the back-up copy of these data, which will come in the .csv format.

The advertiser can also export the list of the bad mails that Mailpro recorded all along his email campaign, why not to transmit it to partners so that they may improve their own customer files. To do this, he only has to go to the bad mail part of his address book and click on the export button.

Renting and sharing email client files

Renting client files can be an additional source of income for the advertiser if he managed to make a complete address directory all by himself. Although he should avoid sharing it with competitors, he may consider exchanging it with a company that offers compatible services. For example, afoie grasproducer may share his information with a dry, white wine merchant.

You need to know that the rental of customer files can only happen with the agreement of each Internet user. You need to ask all Internet users for permission during the registration process or through a form included in an email.


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