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Importing new customer files

Importing new customer files for one's email campaign

Adding the addresses of new prospects who want to receive the newsletter

As unsubscriptions from a newsletter grow and more addresses become inactive or else invalid, the size of the contact database diminishes slowly. Therefore, to increase the reach of his email campaign or to simply make up for natural prospect loss in his directory, an advertiser needs to regularly import customer files and add new entries into his book.

Importing a file with Mailpro

Mailpro enables advertisers to import four types of customer files : XLS, XSLS, CSV and VCF. Whether the email addresses are contained in a document created under Windows, Mac or Linux, Office or OpenOffice, you can save them under one of these formats to transfer them into your Mailpro directory later.

To perform the importation, you must have the latest version of the browser that you use and also Adobe's Flash Player module.

You can also simply copy / paste the data of the client file into your address book.

The importing report, to assess the reach gain of one's email campaign

During the importation of new email addresses, Mailpro sends a clear and precise report detailing the transfer to the advertiser's mail box. The software automatically sorts additions, in particular the presence of invalid addresses, of duplicates and of unsubscribers. All the user has to do is manage his contact database in advance. He can perform his importation without fearing to insert an addressee who is already listed as invalid.

The Mailpro report provides the total number of inserted emails, but also of the addresses that were already present in the book, of duplicates created by the importation, of people who have already unsubscribed and of NFTAs. Thus, in the blink of an eye, the advertiser can assess the usefulness of the added client file.


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