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Question : What is the IP reputation?

The IP reputation refers to the reputation of the email address, it is an element that the email providers take into account to decide if their email can be sent or sent to the spam folder. The quality of the contact lists, the quality of the content of the message, the history of the previously made submissions of that IP address, are elements that can define the IP reputation of your email.

When you decide to choose an Email Marketing provider, it is very important to keep in mind that this can make your delivers from Ips that has a good reputation. When sending through a platform like Mailpro, you can use a dedicated IP, which means having an exclusive channel for your delivers or sharing an Ip Pool with other users. Although it may seem attractive to have the exclusivity of an IP to make your delivers, it requires different attention and is not suitable for everyone.

Do your delivers using a group of dedicated IP addresses, our team of experts is responsible for protecting your reputation and inspecting the use of our platform by customers to prevent bad practices from affecting other users. Whereas if a dedicated IP is used, the reputation management is completely in the hands of the user, which requires an extra effort to ensure compliance with best practices and avoid being sent to the blacklist of email providers.

There are common mistakes that, unknowingly, detract from the value of IPs, including: having poorly written email addresses in contact lists, buying databases, not cleaning contact lists regularly, low quality content. If even with professional supervision the reputation of the IP sender is lower than expected, you can try to help improve these errors and have the support of professionals who monitor the quality of your IPI, which will increase the quality of your delivery capacity.

Backed by strict legal terms and conditions, we select the best IPs designed for each of our clients and, therefore, offer a 95% effectiveness in our deliveries. To know the plans and decide what kind of Ip you need, check our plans, all included.

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