A DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) record is a type of DNS (Domain Name System) record used to enhance email security and authentication. DKIM helps verify the authenticity and integrity of email messages by attaching a digital signature to outgoing emails from a specific domain.
Here's how DKIM works:
Signing Messages: When an email is sent from a domain that has implemented DKIM, the sending mail server adds a digital signature to the email header. This signature is generated using a private key that is unique to the domain.
Public Key Retrieval: A recipient's email server, upon receiving the email, can query the DNS records of the sender's domain to obtain the corresponding public key.
Verification: The recipient's email server uses this public key to decrypt and verify the signature in the email header. If the signature matches the email's content, it confirms that the email has not been tampered with during transit and originates from an authorized sender.
Authentication: Once the email is successfully authenticated, it can be trusted, and the recipient's email system is more likely to deliver it to the recipient's inbox rather than marking it as spam.

Also in our FAQ section: What is DKIM Record?

How to configure DKIM with Mailpro

Go to configuration inside your Mailpro account and then go to the webmaster's zone, where you will find DKIM Configuration

1. Type your Domain Name

2. Type your domain name key or (key, or mailpro or other)

3. Click on generate Public and Private Keys

4. Copy the value generated. This text you will need to add in your DNS with the help of your System Administrator

5. Click on Save

6. Once you have added the text in your DNS, click on Validate DKIM Key


Watch our DKIM Configuration Video

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