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Tips for your Summer Newsletter


Let’s face it- newsletters are one of the most effective ways for your company to convey the latest news and updates to followers and clients. These are quite effective in generating sales and leads, helping your business grow. Besides that, you will successfully track prospects and score their interest level when you use them for email campaigns.


In summer, when customers are relaxed and their main focus is on fun, family, and friends, email marketing should be done differently. If you send summer newsletters the way they should be, chances are such newsletters could win customers for life and boost your sales.


Summer Newsletter Sending Tips


In summer, you can find many upcoming dates, events, and holidays that give you a fair idea about the newsletter topic. Then, you need to focus on adding value to it to attract potential customers and make your brand stand out from the crowd. From Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag day, and more, you can send a newsletter keeping people's interest and special days into consideration. So, the following are the tips for your summer newsletter that will surely rock your brand.


  • Be playful and Go a Little Crazy.


In summer, everyone is in a playful mood. So, rather than sending them a boring newsletter, it's time to revamp it to get them in the right mood. You can surprise your subscribers by sending them an interesting newspaper with a puzzle game or something funny. Make sure to use a unique summer color theme to get the attention of your subscribers. Play with the design of your newsletter and make your subscribers interested.


  • Make Shopping Easy


Mobile phones have become a necessity more than a luxury. So, when you send a newsletter to your subscribers, make sure it is mobile friendly and allows them to shop for the products easily on mobile. Don’t forget to optimize graphics and texts to make them responsive and easy to navigate on small screens. When designing CTA buttons, make sure they are clearly marked as clickable elements. Use bright colors on CTA so it would be easily seen. Also, move it to the top of the newsletter so your subscribers can see it and take action without any hassle.

  • Give customers what they need.

When the summer holidays start, everyone looks to buy new summer clothes. From swimwear to sizzling bikinis, everyone plans to shop for the holiday season. It is the right time to put all the holiday accessories in your newsletter. Your main aim is to make it easy for consumers to shop and remind them what they need to take along for their happy vacation days.


  • Give a Little treat to your Subscribers.


Everyone likes free shipping, coupons, promotions, and lucrative deals of online shopping. So, with your summer newsletter, you get a chance to spoil your subscribers by giving them some treats.


  • Use Images to Set the Mood


To make your subscribers feel fuzzy and warm, use beautiful photos in your newsletter. You can find great choices of photos online for free. Make sure to use original photos for a more personalized experience.

To sum up

Mailpro offers a wide range of summer newsletter templates that allow you to play around and shake up your content. Creating a newsletter with Mailpro is easy, and you make it a part of your email marketing campaign and see how it helps you boost your business.


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