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Service Level Agreement of Mailpro

Our commitment with you

We define here the level of quality of the availability of our online software, the way we operate Support as well as bug fixing. We also talk about security issues as well as guarantee and responsibility issues.

Security Measures

Maxony takes measures to protect our servers against unlawful interventions by third parties, without however guaranteeing absolute protection against such interventions. 
It is the responsibility of the client to protect against any unauthorized access or manipulation of his/her computer equipment, notably by appropriately protecting his/her own access codes. 

Access to our services

Subject to private agreement or to technical disruptions limiting access to the services, use of Maxony Internet services is open to the client 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
Maxony may at any time limit or interrupt access to its services in order to carry out maintenance work. Maxony will communicate by email or directly inside the online software when such maintenance are necessary.
If for any reason you cannot access our online service, we ask you to contact our support team.

Support Team

First Level

The first contact you will have with our support agent to help you with the problem you are facing.
We offer free Phone Support, Email Support and Chat Support in several languages for Europe and America. Maxony also provides material for auto-learning such as videos on our FAQ Section.
Our agents are able to help you with functionality issues and how to use your software in the most efficient way, help you finding the best technical and commercial solution with our software.
All issues will generate a ticket number that will be communicated to you by email for you to follow the case.
In some cases, the support agent will need to escalate to the second level; for which he will need:
  • To obtain all useful information of client (Num. client, browser type, screen capture,…)
  • To try to reproduce the incident if possible
  • To search in FAQ database if a solution is available
  • To check all DNS, SPF; DKIM, issue for deliverability (if applies)

Second Level

After first contact and after being able to reproduce the problem, we will be in contact with our team of developers, with our IT network Team for deliverability issues or Legal Team for legal issues.

Service Level Agreement of Support

  Response Time* (max.) Monitored
Support 1st level 4h Monthly
Support 2nd level 8h Monthly
Answer from Legal Team 5 days Monthly
*Time we will take notify your question, solving time depend on the complexity of the problem, also during opening hours In Europe, Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm (GMT+1) and in America 9pm to 5pm (GMT-6)

Service Level Agreement of IT Infrastructure

  Service UpTime* Monitored
Website and FAQ 99% Every 5 minutes
Online Applications 99% Every minute
API 99% Every minute
SMTP 99% Every minute
SMS Gateway 99% Every minute
*Maintained by IT team 24/24h and 365 days per year.
In addition to this Service Level Agreement, under your demand, we also offer specific and dedicated IT Infrastructure and Support Service with your own SLA needs at customized price.

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