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How to avoid falling the SPAM folder?

Avoiding Spam Filters First of all, the management of spam mail isn't an exact science. The deliverability or non-deliverability of a...

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Why there is no newsletter sent to my mailbox when I send a “test” campaign?

The problem comes for sure from the fact that you send the message to yourself (on the same domain/server). Indeed in...

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Is it normal to receive delivery status notifications?

Yes, this is normal. However, these notifications do not mean that the newsletter was not sent. Multiple reasons may be...

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Can I schedule my Email Campaign?

Yes, you can schedule your email campaigns thanks to the “Sending date” option in the “Sending’s” tab. If you select “now”,...

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Is there a daily sending limit?

No Daily Sending Limit 

No, the quantity of deliveries is not limited. The only limitation is set by the number of available credits. 

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Is it possible to add an additional sender email addresses?

To add a sender email address Yes, you can add more addresses that can be defined as sending addresses or reply...

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Some messages sent on your own domain name are not received.

Not receiving some of the messages sent from your own domain name The issue comes from the fact that you sent...

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How can I cancel a scheduled sending ?

How to cancel a scheduled campaign To cancel a scheduled sending, go into your Mailpro section: - Go to the “Send” tab -...

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How to Avoid Anti-Spam Filters?

Learn how to avoid anti-spam filters    There can be several reasons why your message arrives in the spam folder...   First of all,...

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Is there a way to test my SPAM level?

Check your Spam Level Mailpro provides you with a handy little utility: spam check. The spam check that you find in the...

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How to Reduce Your Score with SpamAssassin?

How to Reduce Your Score with SpamAssassin?   In our setup, we employ SpamAssassin as an anti-spam solution to evaluate our clients'...

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