How are "Badmails" or Bounce defined?

Badmails or bounces are addresses that return an error notification.

  • In 95% of cases, these are addresses or domains that no longer exist.
  • In 5% of cases, it is a misspelled address.

The IASPs can be defined in two groups:

  • "Hard Bounce": The address is directly added to the list of "badmails" / bounces. The address no longer exists, a subsequent attempt would have no effect.
  • "Soft Bounce": The address returns a temporary error notification, such as a full mailbox, for example. The sending system will make several attempts to deliver the newsletter within 48 hours of sending.
Management of Badmails or Bounce

In our Mailpro™ email marketing platform, bounces are processed at regular intervals, but because the system tries to send your email campaign several times before declaring an email address to be invalid, this process can take up to 48 hours to get the final list.

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