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Automatic Emails and Autoresponders

With Mailpro, you can easily set up automatic emails and other autoresponders

Why set up automatic emails?

Automatic emails are an interesting tool in the world of the Internet and will allow you to save time, to communicate more often and intelligently with your email database, to relaunch your database, and much more.

For example, you send a  email to wish happy birthday  to your client, send a  welcome email  to someone who subscribes to your newsletter. This kind of automatic emailing is called 'autoresponder'. Send an  email when a customer clicks on the link to your site  or a link to your newsletter, an automatic email following an action. You can also  send the email two days after  an action, for example. Or configure other types of automatic emails as you see fit, it's easy with Mailpro.

How to set up automatic emails?

In the "Send" section of Mailpro, simply select the "Automatic Email" and fill in the fields in question. You can also watch the video "How to send automatic emails " In the Academy section of our site.

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Automatic Birthday Emails

It's always nice for someone to feel liked and appreciated; this creates a friendly relationship with your client, especially if you offer him or her a real gift through your site, with a 20% bonus for example, or a surprise gift in your shop or office.

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Automatic Welcome Emails 

During an initial contact via an online form or during the subscription to your newsletter you can, for example, welcome them by sending an automatic email. Take advantage of this email to provide important information like business hours, a good welcome discount, a link to a guide or any other information that could be of service.

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Automatic Email when Link is Clicked

For example, you have a newsletter with three products. You could define that everyone who click on product "A", receives an hour later an email with a link to get 10% off, if he buys it the same day.

Or, send an instant email with the date and the IP of the client during a login in a backoffice, for example, for security and information reasons.

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Automatic Email within Timeframe 

It can be interesting to program automatic emails after a certain time. For example, you offer a white paper that explains how to make emailings, after one day you sent the download link you can suggest another white paper that deals with the creation and templates of newsletters, after 3 days, creating an account on your site, after 5 days a free tip, etc...

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