Introducing the 2023 Email Marketing Benchmark - perfect for staying ahead of the competition and achieving your goals. With this intuitive benchmark, you can gain valuable and precise insights into how well your email campaigns stack up against industry standards and trends.

Our benchmark gives you clear, reliable metrics to help you measure the performance of individual campaigns or assess them holistically across all marketing efforts. On top of that, our data is always useful to understand what kind of results are possible with email marketing compared to other channels. This allows marketers to set realistic expectations for their own campaigns and track progress accordingly. With the Email Marketing Benchmark, you always have a clear vision of what success looks like across the board!

At Mailpro, we believe that data and metrics are essential for any marketer to evaluate their success and compete against the best in the industry. That’s why we’ve created our cutting-edge benchmark for 2023, designed to provide professional marketers with detailed insights about their email campaigns.

Our comprehensive benchmark allows you to compare your performance against industry averages, giving you a clear view of where your current email efforts stand. With this approach, you’ll be able to identify any potential improvement areas and maximize the impact of your strategies. On top of this, our benchmark also provides recommendations so you can quickly optimize your emails with actionable points.

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The benchmark Data

We compared 100,000 accounts, which we chose randomly between our customers worldwide. Countries with less than 5 million emails sent during the year have not been considered on this benchmark.

It’s important to notice that most of our customers are European, followed by South and North America. We haven´t include Asia on this benchmark because our accounts are not representative enough to show numbers.

Email Marketing Benchmark 2023
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