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The shared Email server

Choosing a shared SMTP server for email routing

The solution of shared hosting to manage your communication

When talking about a SMTP server shared for its email routing, it means that the use of the remote computers or computers serving the server is shared among several clients, all of whom have the same IP address to communicate. Each client is assigned an account by the host, and the resources of the machines are shared among all the users of the server (disk space, authorized web traffic, maximum bandwidth, operating system, etc.)

The disadvantages of a shared server

At first glance, the shared server has many disadvantages compared to the dedicated server. In the first place, it offers less freedom of use, since the technical aspect is managed by the host. Moreover, it forces the client to share his IP address with other people, whose practices of sending emails are not necessarily as irreproachable as his or her own.

The shared server, interesting in some cases for email routing

If the shared hosting seems less desirable than the dedicated one, it is necessary to know that the decision is made according to the point of view of the customer, and his or her objectives. If the dedicated server offers complete freedom to the client to manage operating system, applications, security, and other possibilities of server use, this freedom may be constraining , requiring permanent technical management. The latter can of course be outsourced, but this will add to the already high cost of the dedicated server.

A shared server, on the other hand, has all its technical work entirely handled by the host, from the installation of the OS to the security updates. Thus, clients of this type of server can fully focus on their business, delegating the administrative aspect of the systems to the host.

Similarly, if the email campaigns planned by the client target a restricted audience (less than 10,000 targets), and at a relatively low frequency, using a shared server would be much cheaper and just as efficient as a dedicated server. The client should be cautious in choosing a host, in order to be sure that the shared server will be shared with people "of quality", which will not create a risk of blacklisting for the common IP address.

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