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A customising feature for email campaigns

Knowing the places of residence of Internet users so as to create a more targeted newsletter

More and more popular in the field of email marketing, the geolocation feature enables you to know the place of residence of the prospects by country, by region and by city thanks to the information provided by the ISPs, based on the addressees' IP addresses. This statistic is useful in several ways, above all to optimise the targeting and the customisation of a newsletter.

The geolocation tool offered by Mailpro

Mailpro offers a visual tool to immediately identify the location of the Internet users who registered for a newsletter. Thanks to an interactive map, you can precisely learn about the places of residence of each addressee included in the address book.

It also enables you to correlate the opening rate of an email campaign to the location of the prospects, which gives an overview of the interest generated by the object of the emails depending on the places they were sent to.

Customising one's email campaign thanks to geolocation

The geolocation information is an excellent tool to customise a newsletter in order to adapt it to Internet users by sending them more targeted messages.

By knowing the precise addresses of the individuals included in a list of prospects, it becomes possible to much better choose one's addressees before sending the email. As examples, we may mention offers related to transportation, logistics or home services, which will be more relevant if they are only sent to the people who can benefit from them where they live. It is useless to propose offers to the Internet users who don't have any fitting retail outlets in their geographic areas.

Geolocation enables you to send the right mails to the right individuals, so that the addressees feel more concerned by your newsletter and so that its efficiency is maximised.


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