Take advantage of the opportunities to know the geographical position of your clients through geolocation in your email marketing campaigns

Attracting your target audience is an opportunity that is closer within reach than you thought; geolocation in email marketing is essential for creating accurate and personalized campaigns. Therefore, it is one of the most valuable and interesting statistics when it comes to checking the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Geolocation allows us to know the geographic point of an object, and in the context of email marketing, allows you to have an idea of ​​the geographical position of the devices that receive your email campaigns. This information comes to you based on the IP addresses of your subscribers that are provided by the ISPS (Internet Service Provider).

Having the geographic reference of your subscribers will allow you to create personalized newsletters that you can adapt according to the location where your emails were opened most. If you are part of a logistics, transport, real estate or home delivery company, you can offer specific information about specific products or services to a specific region.

For marketing, geolocation is one of the most useful tools for getting close to your customer. It allows you to locate users who are in the geographical regions where your business maintains a physical presence, connect with them and figure out even more ways to learn the behavior of your ideal client.

Know the location of your users from Mailpro

From the statistics for email marketing campaigns offered by Mailpro, you will find an interactive map that shows you the geolocation statistic details of each newsletter you send. To access it, select statistics and click on the campaign, analyze it, select geolocation statistics and there will be a map with geolocation statistics that will show you a summary with details of:

  • Location by country
  • Location by city
  • Map of the world with the location of emails opened
  • List of total email opened by country

For each newsletter that you send from our application, you will be able to find out where your email was opened. Studying this statistical data will help you boost your brand, generate greater visibility of your product or service and generate a closer relationships with your customers. An additional functionality which helps you learn about the behavior of your last and most recent campaign is the  analysis by comparison. To do a comparison of your data by geolocation, you must select two to four campaigns and click on the geolocation section and review the maps with the openings by country of each campaign you want to review.

Personalization, is what all users expect and for this it is important that you keep your next campaign statistics by geolocation in mind. Complement this knowledge of your users behavior by adding dynamic fields, which you can add from your address books in order to address each client personally with their name, and surname. Inserting it both in the subject and in the body of the newsletter.

Increase the amount your emails are opened by using geolocation in email marketing to create a newsletter with quality information, selected specifically for your customers in a specific destination and personally addressed to each of your subscribers.

We try to bring you tips on email marketing so that you can improve your email marketing strategy! Follow us or leave us a comment if you enjoy reading our articles. 

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