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The return on investment of an email campaign

Calculating the return on investment of an email campaign, a necessity

The efficiency of commercial message sending is highlighted by the profitability that is made by the sender

Like all the other web-marketing techniques, email campaigns must be analysed for good financial performance so as to optimise their resources and to check their coherency with the sender's commercial policy. The return on investment of each message sending represents an excellent indicator because it is simple to compute and it summarises both the efficiency and the profitability of the sending. Nevertheless, during the making of the sending, it is important to select relevant data that are adapted to the company's activity.

The return on investment, a performance indicator for an email campaign

Universal and transversal, the return on investment facilitates the comparison of the results of the various channels of communication used by the sender. It is defined as the difference between the income generated by the campaigns and their associated costs. To say it more clearly, it is expressed as a percentage of the budget allocated to the email campaign. If the gross figure is high and warns about global dysfunction, its tracking over time turns out to be vital. It underlines the efficiency of the latest creative choices in real time and enables you to perform possible corrective actions.

Choosing data that are coherent with one's email campaign

The main difficulty lies in selecting the relevant commercial data, the ones that are really linked to the sender's activity. If you only analyse the volume of clicks obtained by the campaign, it is really too reductive and not qualitative enough. To comprehend the prospects' behaviour, resorting to "web tracking" tools is an efficient solution. It enables you to get elaborate data like the turnover by visitor, the bounce rate or the time passed on the site.


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