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The Joomla emailing plugin

Manage the tasks of registering and sending newsletters with the Joomla plugin

A dedicated module simplifies the creation and management of subscribers to community CMS newsletters

Recognized as the most widely used CMS in the world, Joomla simplifies the development and design of websites. Its power is based on extensive customization. Thanks to the Mailpro plugin, installing the module for Mailpro edited newsletters allows the users of the platform to manage registrations, , subscribers, routing and the follow-up of newsletters without leaving the interface.


Joomla, a powerful and economical platform

The Joomla software was created in 2005, with the aim of having a free, unrestricted and open content management tool on the Internet. Very complete thanks to its many advanced features, it allows the creation of any type of site, from simple to the most complex. It is especially attractive to large companies. Its interface is intuitive, while its regular updates ensure a reliable system.

Its other strength lies in its scalability at very low cost, thanks to a standardized development code and a library of more than 7,000 extensions.


A plugin to automate the registration and routing of newsletters

Focused on content layout and organization, Joomla also offers tools to ensure internet broadcasting in the broad sense: it thus offers an export of RSS feeds and a newsletter module.

The installation of our dedicated MailPro plugin simplifies the main steps in managing newsletters, just like automatic recipient registration and unsubscribing. Powerful, this module also allows you to configure the different writing and routing options, while offering the possibility to access the detailed statistics of each campaign.


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