Using the social dimension of CMSs to send business messages to subscribers of a newsletter

Users of CMSs dedicated to the organization of content, such as Joomla and WordPress, or managers of an online store, such as Prestashop and Magento, should not neglect the social dimension of these tools to easily create a file of subscribers. Usable in segmented email marketing campaigns,  /plug latter is based on the  voluntary registration of visitors to a regular newsletter. Thanks to the various plugins offered by MailPro, the efficient routing of messages in this newsletter directly from the CMS interface is easy.

The newsletter, an effective communication channel

At a reduced cost, the newsletter offers  the advantage  of maintaining a communication based on trust with a contact who has accepted on his or her own initiative to receive information from the issuer. Its content makes it possible to differentiate the company from its competitors and to clarify the commercial promise. To make this privileged relationship happen, it is sufficient to carry out a personalized emailing with a clear and attractive message at the rate of once a week.

Manage subscriptions with plugins

To simplify the creation and sending of a  relevant and high deliverability newsletter,  Mailpro offers many plugins that easily integrate into the most popular CMSs.

The installation of these modules is very easy and allows the management of the Email Marketing parameters from the interface of the software platforms. Registration and unsubscribing of contacts takes place automatically, while the choice of many templates and the monitoring of the statistics of each campaign are also offered.

Manage the tasks of registering and sending newsletters with the Joomla plugin

Joomla is a high-quality CMS, offering modularity and an ability to handle complex tasks that make it exemplary. Mailpro offers an easy to install plugin that will allow all of its users to collect emails for upcoming quality of email campaigns.

Easily carry out the subscription process for your newsletter with the WordPress plugin

Wordpress is the most popular CMS in the world. . We are talking about 20% of sites in the world that rely on this system. Also, Mailpro has developed a plugin dedicated to this CMS to enable the management and distribution of newsletters and thus ensure remarkable loyalty.

A Magento plugin facilitating the registration process, the sending and the follow-up of newsletters

Among the online store systems, Magento  has become the standard thanks its ability to accommodate large brands effectively. Mailpro now offers an email collecting plugin to ensure its customers an efficient newsletter that is easy to transmit.

Registering contacts and sending newsletters, the advantages of the Prestashop plugin

Prestashop  is probably the most popular online store in the world. Free and especially aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, it now allows the Mailpro plugin to collect newsletter subscriptions with ease.

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