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Le plugin emailing pour WordPress

Easily carry out the subscription process for your newsletter with the WordPress plugin

The most popular CMS platform, compatible with creating and managing subscriptions to a newsletter

WordPress offers paid proprietary solutions in order to create your blog or your professional site, combined with advanced functionalities for contact registration and newsletter mailings. Our CMS dedicated plugin facilitates the creation of newsletters and subscription management.


WordPress, a vast and diverse software

Launched in 2003 by Matthew Mullenweg, the open source software WordPress aims to greatly simplify the creation of content on the web. Very comprehensive, Worpress offers powerful and rich features to provide the hosting, publishing and customization of blogs. Its installation and configuration are characterized by ease of use , making it accessible to most people. A large library of extensions , frequently coming from its very active global community, meets most of the specific needs of users, while themes help in the creation of advanced graphic layouts.


A plugin for registration and sending of useful newsletters

One of the main advantages of using this software is the easy integration of direct marketing tools within a blog. Our plugin specially developed for WordPress allows to have a very powerful module for sending newsletter in just a few moments.

After downloading and installing the extension, it becomes possible for the user to build effective newsletters by using the wide range of Mailpro templates and selecting the recipients within your various contact books. Additional features are available, such as automatic registration and unsubscription, or detailed statistical tracking of campaigns.


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Open a Mailpro account and enjoy 500 free credits