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Optimising the design of one's newsletter

The Mailpro newsletter editor

The importance of the quality of the imagery of an email

During automatic newsletter generation on Mailpro, imagery creation is a very important stage that you need to optimise. Prospects are particularly keen on the quality of presentations and they can choose not to be interested in an email because its design is not attractive enough. As regards appearance, you must follow the current trends and avoid letting your newsletter become obsolete.

The current trends in newsletter design

The most efficient email is often the one that manages to have a light content, without too much text, while offering an uncommon design that arouses curiosity through its artistic novelty. For example, a currently fashionable trend is a drawn, scribbled appearance, for it enables you to make a message more attractive and less formal, closer to the prospect.

On the other hand, sometimes, originality can be found in minimalism, which is often chosen by luxurious companies. Through uncluttered design and information that goes straight to the point, they send addressees a message : when the product proves to be a quality one, there is no time to lose with flourishes. Thus, readers can focus on the content of the email without being hampered by any images or calls-to-action that might command their attention.

The latest type of popular design is the one that shows vintage imagery. As with fashion, which draws a lot of its inspiration from the sixties, advertisers can choose this kind of original appearance, which creates a funny anachronism between the very recent medium of communication (email) and the content.

How Mailpro helps you optimise the design of a newsletter

In order to help advertisers invent or reinvent their newsletter design, Mailpro offers them more than 450 recent professional email templates. You can either use them directly by inserting your content into them or draw inspiration from their imagery to make new creations that are more faithful to the identity of your firm.

The Mailpro automatic newsletter generator enables you to import the advertisers' emails and then to easily reorganise their formatting.


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