Design a newsletter is not an easy task, for this reason, a professional email marketing tool offers you a catalog of Email Newsletter Templates that allow you to save time in creating your email marketing campaigns, by providing you responsive designs that can be adapted to your needs.

What is a template for email marketing?

An Email Newsletter Template is a design created from HTML code that allows you to adapt images and content on a single page. This will allow you to create eye-catching and attractive designs to capture the attention of your subscribers. It is not necessary to drive yourself crazy by tryingunderstand code or doing hundreds of tests to make it look good.

Why use templates for email marketing?

The reasons for using templates for email marketing when creating an email marketing campaign are innumerable, including:

Saving time: Coding and designing templates for email marketing from scratch can really consume a lot of time and energy. It is also necessary that the person doing it, be a professional person with knowledge of design and HTML language. When you use email templates for email marketing campaigns, all you’ll have to do is simply  change the text and add some images.

Uniformity: If you generate monthly campaigns to report updates a your services, or news about your sector, working with a predesigned template will allow you to maintain a consistent graphic line and a design that can be easily identified by your subscribers. When you work under a template, you can create one that is basic and then simply modify the sections with new content or images.

Variety: the professional email marketing tools offer a great variety of templates. There is a wide collection divided according to theme and industry, directed towards hotels, restaurants, E-Commerce to others perfect for sending greetings to your customers on birthdays or special dates. Amongst the package of more than 500 Mailpro templates, you will find the ideal solution to communicate products, services, events, offers and much more.

Create your campaign with Mailpro’s free email templates

To use Mailpro templates, you must first fulfill the primary requirement of creating an account. If you do not have an account created, either free or paid, you will not be able to use the Mailpro templates, because these are made for the exclusive use of platform clients.

Take care of this first step and you’ll be able to start designing a campaign using one of the more than 500 free email marketing templates offered by Mailpro. You just have to enter the application and go to the messages tab and click on add.

From there, the design options grouped by categories will be displayed, by selecting the Templates tab you will be able to access the wide gallery and decide according to the theme you want.

 Once you have chosen the one you like best from the gallery’s categories, you simply select it and the Messages Builder will open where you can edit the text or the image to your liking. By selecting the content blocks you can include texts, images, additional buttons or change the colors.

After you have modified the template for email marketing that you selected, you must create the subject line. Do not forget to review everything by looking at its preview so you can check the responsive version, or rather, how it will look on mobile devices.

By using Email Newsletter Templates, you save time that you can then invest in planning your strategies and what you want to communicate in your next campaign. Take advantage of the more than 500 free email templates offered by a professional application such as Mailpro.

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