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Templates with Mailpro

The pre-existing newsletter templates offered by Mailpro

A guide to the formatting of your emails

Sometimes, the advertiser wants to focus more on the content of his newsletter than on its form. Whether by lack of experience or of resources, creating a graphic structure both beautiful, friendly and fluid can be a big challenge. By offering many templates and frameworks, Mailpro makes sure that advertisers will save precious time by being able to choose to use these tools or not, such as they are offered or as sources of inspiration for their own emailing styles.

The use of the various newsletter templates

Mailpro offers his users several thousands of newsletter templates and of newsletter graphic combinations. Divided up in more than 55 different themes, you can find several templates that will be perfectly adapted to each type of activity : associations, hotels, medicine, security, sports, travels, etc.

Their use proves to be very simple : when you start creating your newsletter, you just have to choose and import a template with one click. It enables you to have a formerly established and ready-to-use structure for an email, with predefined zones designed to incorporate the advertiser's content.

Then, the advertiser just has to fill in the various fields of the newsletter with his own texts and images. He can use the form of the template such as it is provided or make all the changes that he wants to make, whether those involve the fonts, the colours or else the layout of the content blocks.

The frameworks offered by Mailpro, a more refined form that lets creativity speak for itself

Like newsletter templates, the Mailpro frameworks offer a ready-to-use emailing structure.

Nevertheless, they don't offer main themes, predefined colours or fonts. Their unique feature is to help the advertiser format his newsletter by offering him efficient layouts for his content. For example, two of the offered frameworks are specifically intended for the emails that are to be read on smartphones.

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