Creating an email with the Mailpro editors

After determining the content of the email you want to create, it is still necessary to have the right tools to format it. Creating a newsletter is possible thanks to two solutions that are both accessible with Mailpro : HTML programming and the use of a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) graphic editor.

Creating one's newsletter with the Wysiwyg editor of Mailpro

The Wysiwyg graphic editor provided by Mailpro has the advantage of being intuitive and very simple to use. It requires no knowledge in programming and is based on a drag-and-drop principle of all the elements that can be included in an email, enabling you to create and fashion your newsletter bit by bit while instantaneously seeing the result of your actions. Besides, the advertiser looking for a structure can draw inspiration from the many email templates offered by Mailpro or use one of the provided frameworks.

Creating one's newsletter with the HTML editor of Mailpro

Having some knowledge in HTML, a programming language designed for the representation of web content, is a major advantage in newsletter creation. With its tag system, it will enable you to format the content of a message and to set all the email structure parameters : the layout of the blocks dedicated to images and to texts, size, fonts, colour, links, calls-to-action, etc.

CSS is not recommended for newsletter formatting, for most mail clients have compatibility problems with this language and the result is a visual appearance that is very different of what it should have been. It is better to create the whole structure in HTML or to use the source code of the templates and of the frameworks offered by Mailpro as a basis for working.

Above all, Mailpro offers the advantage of being able to switch from a solution to the other with a single click. Thus, the best method is to use the wysiwyg editor to lay the foundations of the graphic formatting and then to use the HTML editor to add and refine details.

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