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Email Marketing for Professionals

An effective tool for your professional clients

BtoB messages must marry segmentation with strong commercial promise

In a complex and very moving competitive environment, deploying an email marketing strategy of conquest or loyalty towards a professional customer can be difficult. If, as for individuals, the identification of B2B prospects is an unavoidable step, it must be accompanied by a very precise work on the promise of the commercial message and on the timing of the campaign.

Identify the type of professional client, an obligation

in order to achieve its BtoB contacts efficiently and cost-effectively, the issuer must qualify his or her potential audience . In this context, the gathering, even legal, of generic e-mail addresses such as [email protected] makes for very poor results in building a relationship of trust. It seems wiser to privilege rental of specialized bases. Frequently integrating the turnover and the coordinates of the decision makers, they make it possible to identify the most promising potential customers. An analysis by documentary monitoring of the real activity and the problems of each company will refine this marketing selection.

Some tips to effectively solicit a professional by email

The balance between the offer of the issuer and the needs of the recipient must materialize through a high value-added email. Using the proximity of a professional event, offering a free demonstration or offering specialized training are among the most effective marketing themes to get the attention of BtoB contacts. Coupling this mailing with a subsequent "phoning" represents an excellent solution for deepening and humanizing communication. To get a better reading of the campaigns, the timing is nevertheless essential: Mondays and Fridays are thus days to absolutely avoid.


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