Qualifying prospects ensures the distribution of the commercial message to the right recipient at the right time

As with all other marketing channels marketing , the effectiveness of the communication by email is based on a match between the commercial promise of the message and the targeted prospects. The responsiveness offered to issuers by the low delivery time of the mails adds a third dimension, temporality. There are two main groups of people to be initiated or reminded: individuals and professionals, each with different expectations and reactions to the campaigns.

Rules for addressing targeted individuals

Individuals remain sensitive to the relevance of emails and the relationship of trust established with the issuer. It is important to send messages only to prospects who have previously and freely wished to receive them, failing of which will result in the email being qualified as "spam". This contact database must also be qualified , in order to identify the most attractive populations commercially. At the writing stage, a transparent identification of the sender, in the form of a correspondent even fictitious, and a personalized and attractive subject represent essential rules.

Email marketing, a complementary access to the professional target

Even though a growing number of businesses are connected to the Internet, email is often a complementary way to contact the decision makers

Even more so than for individuals, the marketing segmentation of prospects proves to be unavoidable. In particular, it will have to apprehend the real professional target , enriched with turnover and strategic positioning data. Even if it is legal in many countries, the process of using generic addresses of an organization to establish a commercial relationship remains irrelevant.

Develop effective email marketing to reach the professional client

Working amongst professionals can give the impression that communication is more legitimate, based on a form of equality and exchange, but like any target, BtoB is demanding and requires to know certain rules.

Qualification and relevance, the pillars of email marketing to the individual

Depending on your activity, you can work towards the individual , in BtoC. But for that, certain rules and principles are essential to know.

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