Segmented BtoC commercial messages enable sustainable and cost-effective communication

Email marketing aimed at the "individual" target target must be tailored to a mature public, regularly solicited by advertisers and quick to sanction by reporting in spam campaigns considered intrusive or inadequate. It's important for the issuers to continually qualify its BtoC audience and to regularly renew their commercial promises to send attractive and personalized messages to their contacts.

Continuous segmentation of the "individual" prospect

Despite its apparent simplicity - quickly sending a message to a large number of recipients - which could imply universality in communication, email marketing aimed at the general public is characterized by a continuous qualification of the audience. This ensures the issuers to engage with the contacts most receptive to their commercial promise. Initially based on socio-demographic or geolocation criteria, it is now complemented by a behavior monitoring of Internet users. The "tracking" of the campaigns and the exploitation of "big datas" make it possible to differentiate in real time the different populations of customers, according to the data of their action history.

The need for relevant communication in BtoC marketing

Faced with the presence of numerous advertising messages in his or her inbox, the "individual" contact very often pays attention to offers from trusted issuers or from ones providing a pertinent answer to his or her immediate needs. A clear identification of the sender is therefore a requirement for effective communication, while the personalization of the campaign, reinforced by an attractive promise, leads to the satisfactory "call-to-action" realization. Temporal adaptation to the prospect's concerns can also feed on the data of the email retargeting.

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