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Assessing its deliverability

Une démarche nécessaire de l'emailing professionnel

Find relevant message routing analysis indicators

The delivery of your email marketing campaign messages depend on important technical and economic criterion, so is important to use reliable and relevant indicators. The indicators must assess the quality of the routing at the time while providing a longer-term performance tracking. They rely mainly on testing tools ahead of the mailing and on the analysis of several reception statistics at the end of the campaign.


Check deliverability ahead of the addressing

Throughout the conception of an email campaign and before its actual mailing, it's necessary to perform acceptance tests to visualize the ability of the routing to actually reach the prospects. The solutions, often available online, simulate this step and make a diagnosis from the strong elements of a message: the mailing address, the subject and the HTML code present in the content. The most classic indicator corresponds to a presumptive "spam" score, keeping it as low as possible.


Evaluate deliverability over time

In the longer term, it's necessary to evaluate the efficiency of routing by exploiting the returns of each email campaign. The delivery rate, which measures the number of messages actually received in the recipients' inbox in relation to the addresses collected, is an important indicator. It should be supplemented by an analysis of the target behavior data, such as the percentage of opened e-mails or having triggered positive action. Special attention will also be given to the rate of complaint by ISP in order to detect possible spam traps.


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