The effective receipt of messages determines the relevance and profitability of professional mailings

The main purpose of sending messages is to improve the commercial and financial performance of the issuer. The routing deliverability , which measures the actual reception of the campaign by the recipients, represents one of the first elements of appreciation of the quality of the emailing. Combined with other indicators, such as opening and conversion rates, and monitored in real time, it must enable corrective actions to be taken to improve technical solutions or editorial content.

Deliverability, a measure of routing performance

Like other marketing media, emailing aims to disseminate a commercial offer that perfectly meets the needs of a carefully selected population. This match between the target and the sender is highlighted by the deliverability.

Faced with weak results, it is necessary to question the methods of collection and the quality of the prospect bases used as well as the segmentation chosen. Other analyzes must deal with the routing carried out, in particular in terms of technical choices, and the problems related to the content of the message.

The deliverability, means of permanent improvement of emailing

Beyond the quantification of successful dissemination, the deliverability, offers by its regular monitoring improvements in the relevance and profitability of the emailing.

By highlighting inactive recipients, it optimizes the prospect fbases or subsequent email campaigns, mechanically reinforcing the reputation of the issuer. Associated with a behavioral tracking, it also promotes the continuous qualification of the customer: this approach makes it possible to identify new profiles, more profitable for the company.

Deliverability, a crucial element of professional emailing

During an email campaign, the deliverability. Is a major criterion that the sender must closely monitor. This is the rate of emails sent that reached their destination. A number often full of surprises.

Evaluate the deliverability, a necessary step of professional emailing

How to evaluate ahead of the mailing the quality of your work and especially its deliverability? What testing tools can be used?

How to improve the effective deliverability of emailing?

What are the factors to be monitored and the criteria to improve the deliverability of your email marketing campaigns?

Following the deliverability of your email marketing campaigns, a primordial reflex

Getting a high score for deliverability over time is not always obvious, of course. For example, the follow-up. Is essential to ensure as regularly as possible the best success of your email marketing campaigns.

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