Evaluate the quality of routing your messages

The deliverability of messages sent as part of an email campaign represents an important quality criterion. It makes it possible to judge the technical ability of a routing to actually reach the prospects. It has a direct impact on the profitability of this marketing channel.

A performance indicator of professional emailing

The deliverability of an electronic mail corresponds to an essential concept of e-marketing: it quantifies the number of mail actually in received the recipients inboxes and evaluates the routing conditions. The latter must marry suitable delays and transmition of the entire message. They are often translated by transit time or failure rate statistics, with some more advanced indicators even evaluating actual reading by the different targets.

Complex, deliverability relies on internal and external factors, often technical, and can permanently impact the marketing effectiveness and reputation of the issuing company.

Deliverability, a technical and economic issue

This notion highlights the adaptation of emailing solutions to the technical constraints imposed by internet service providers to regulate the sending of bulk messages. It also highlights the quality of the contact database and the control of the communication codes of the moment.

This indicator is important in calculating the financial efficiency and profitability of campaigns. These often integrate the rental of qualified paid files: each failure in the distribution of the message adversely affects the return on investment of the emailing. Considered as spam, it will also prevent the prospect from continuously accessing the subsequent campaigns of the company.

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