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Bad Effect Of Blue Lights On Screens

Mailpro is sensitive to your requirements and follows the industry’s best practices. Keeping this into consideration, we are excited to announce that we are soon launching the black mode of Mailpro. Why, you ask? To protect your eyes.

Science Of Natural Light

Natural light is made up of a lot of primary colors. When all of these colors are combined, it becomes the white light that we can see. Each of these colors has a different wavelength. Blue light tends to have high energy and short wavelengths, which could affect how our body functions when exposed for a long time. It has its purpose, but overexposure is harmful.

This is especially true if you have a desk job requiring you to spend hours in front of a screen. Considering there is significant exposure to our mobile screens and other devices, the impact is highly negative.

Some people choose to wear safety glasses, sunglasses, and anti-glare glasses to protect their eyesight and keep their bodies’ natural circadian rhythm on the clock. Know the science behind why it impacts your body and how you can fix it.

When Do You Get Exposed To Blue Light?

We are surrounded by digital screens that emit harsh blue light all day long. Whether it's at your job or home when you are watching television, your eyes are constantly being impacted. LED light, LED TV's, capital monitors, smartphones, tablets all emit blue light. Although the blue light exposure that you get from these screens is much less compared to that of the sun, there is a problem with long-term blue light exposure because you are in very close proximity. Besides, you can avoid sunlight after dusk; you cannot avoid looking at various screens even at night.

Blue light has its function and benefits. It helps us stay alert and regulates the cognitive function of our brain, which impacts our mood. It also helps regulate our sleep cycle. This is why, if we are exposed to blue light for a long exposure even after sundown, it can create a problem with sleeping, leading up to lethargy and tiredness.

In children, this effect is even more severe. Their eyes absorb more blue light than adults. It can impact their growth and development and even the quality of their eyesight.

What Is The Impact Of Blue Lights On Screens Over Human Eyes?

Almost all the blue light we can see on the screens passes through our eyes and gets into the retina. Overexposure can end up impacting vision and even cause faster aging of the eyes.

Here are the most significant impacts of blue light exposure –

  • Digital strain on eyes

Digital eye strain is when the blue light from screens reduces the contrast of our eyes. The effects of eye strain include irritated or sore eyes and having difficulty staying focused on anything.

  • Damage in the retina

Prolonged blue light exposure can damage the retinal cells because almost all of it gets through the cornea and reaches the retina. This is the precursor to various vision problems and macular degeneration of the eyes.

Is There Any Way To Prevent The Harmful Effects Of Blue Lights From Screens?

If you are someone who holds a desk job that requires you to stay in front of screens for an extended period, you could suffer from retinal damage or digital eye strain. There are ways that you can protect your eyes from overexposure.

  • Limiting screen time

If possible, you can try to cut down on how much time you spend in front of digital screens. You should also consider taking breaks every few hours for at least 5, 10 minutes to give yourself a breather. Our eyes are not accustomed to the constant blue light receipt, and it could get irritated. So many people end up using eye drops because they suffer from dry eye or irritated eyes.

Others suffer from lack of sleep, causing them to be lethargic, which can be easily resolved by cutting down screen time, and making sure that you are not using a digital screen at least one hour ahead of your bedtime.

  • Using screen filters

Almost all digital screens, such as phones, tablets, or computers, come with filters that can decrease the amount of blue light that comes off the screen.

  • Anti-glare glasses

Specialized glasses are created to reflect and block the blue light, which can help fight digital eye strain. You can also get anti-reflective lenses that do the same. In the daytime, if you are planning on spending a lot of time in harsh sunlight, consider wearing sunglasses.

  • Blue light reducing software

Many software specifically or applications can be changing the light spectrum of digital screens, cutting down the amount of blue light that comes out of it. This reduces how much light you are getting exposed to, protecting your eyes.

You can download and install the software easily on your system, and you will see a visible change in the color spectrum when you keep them activated. Most of these software or programs also have automated capabilities to sync with the time zone and reduce how much light you are exposed to after sundown. When the sun sets, you want to remove as much blue light emission as possible so your body’s circadian rhythm can naturally work. This way, when you go to bed, your body feels well on time, and it knows that it is the right time to take some rest. If continuously blue light keeps hitting your eyes, your body will think that it is still daytime, which is why so many people have trouble sleeping.

You can use dark mode on your screen, just like the black mode of Mailpro, which alters the color source of the screen. The white light is more likely to contain blue light than darker modes. So, by using dark modes on apps or your computer screen, you cut down on blue light emission. If you are comfortable using a darker screen, it is naturally a better fit for night time and can even help you see the screen more clearly.

So, now you understand why Mailpro’s Darkmode is a boon to all email marketers out there? Thank us later!

On a different note, have you tried our recently launched mode? Do share your experience with us in the comments below.

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