Benefits of Dark Mode

1. Safety and Health Security:

Bright blue lights of the screen of your computer system or smartphones can affect your eyes. It may also lead to less sleep time because of an increase in the secretion of a hormone from your eye, required to sleep. We all have noticed the dashboard of our cars with blue lights. These are created so that we may stay alert and active all the time while driving at night.

It has been proven that the excessive use of blue lights resultes in insomnia, headaches, and neck pain. To lower down the effects of bright lights, Mailpro has introduced the dark mode feature on our website, so that their clients may easily spend their time working on it for a long time without harming the eyes.

Use the Dark Mode to read and work the content for a longer periods at night, as your eyes, will not get tired and won’t get hurt.

Use Mailpro Dark Mode

2. Enhances Battery’s Life

The battery of your smartphones and other devices are mostly affected by the brightness of your system. If you use mobile phones or desktops for your business issues, you may be aware of the battery's value. Researchers have confirmed that dark mode is the single and best solution to enhance your battery life system.

The black form on the website will generate less bright lights. It will result in less consumption of battery in both LCD and OLED screens. Also, it will help in enhancing the performance after a single charge only. If you face short battery life problem, the website's black mode will help you a lot, and you may experience a good battery performance soon.

You can easily chose to switch between normal or dark mode inside the application.

Enjoy many of our Email Marketing features such as our easy to use Newsletter Builder, Automatic Emails, Segmenting your Email Marketing contacts for better results, Personalized Newsletters, Countdown timer inside your newsletter or send an SMS campaign to complement your email marketing campaign, and obtain better results.

Learn more about Darkmode.

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