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What is an automatic email?

An automated email is an email that is sent without having to manually input information every time you want to send a message . They are created and configured only once and are sent to contacts automatically when the established parameters are met.

A fundamental advantage is that the opening rates of an automatic email will always be high because you are assured that the subscriber will read what you send. The user will be practically waiting for your emails so it is an opportunity that you should take advantage of without a doubt.

The basis of a mail automation strategy is to have a good list of contacts, created under the Double Subscription parameter and segmenting the dynamic fields to send the correct message at the precise moment.

What kind of emails can we automate?

If you seek to save time and maintain direct communication with your subscribers, there are some types of emails that you can automate and customize depending on each circumstance.

Welcome Email

The best example of an Automated Email is a welcome email. This is of the most importance when looking to establish an image for your brand and to make a first impression.

When a user has decided to subscribe to your newsletter, he does so because he is interested in what your brand can offer him. So your first communication should generate empathy with the user and let him know what it is you’re offering.

A welcome email should include:

  • The name of the brand
  • A personal greeting
  • A call to action with which you can gain a vote of confidence
  • Birthday congratulations

Birthday Email

This is another way to thank and make your user feel part of your brand. Automatic Emails sent to congratulate users on their birthdays, are the simplest example for understanding how automation works. With this type of email you will not only make your subscriber feel grateful for receiving the surprise, you can also use it to encourage action. You can reserve special dates like this to send offers, promotions or discounts as personalized gifts.

This strengthens your subscribers desire to open the link and gets you closer to generating a good conversion rate.

Contact email after conversion

If you’d like, you can choose to receive a confirmation email the moment your user has made a conversion or has clicked on one of the links that you have included in the content of your message.

If you put two different products in your content, you can select a specific action for each one and send an email to the users who interacted with each specific product. In turn, including additional data for the action gives them more information about your brand.

Reminder email

If you keep a list of contacts with data such as the appointment dates of your clients, you can generate an Automatic Email to remind them of their next appointment. If you have a business that provides services periodically, automating a reminder message will give you great results. This allows you to save your client time, reminding him of the exact dates.

Imagine owning a clinic and your client has an appointment next month, you could send him an email days before the appointment and surprise him with a message that reminds him of your awareness of the dates of your patients appointments.

The possibilities that you have when you Automate Emails are endless and will also help you in creating a brand identity and building user loyalty.

From Mailpro, we offer you the tools you need to automate your emails so you can get the most out of your Email Marketing strategy.

If you have questions about how to create your Automatic Emails, do not hesitate to contact us. Our support team is available to guide you through the process.

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